Christian Intimacy - How To Have Better Sex More Often

As Christians, intimacy should be a high priority in your relationship. Being intimate with one another is a celebration of the relationship you have together, and your relationship with God.
God gave us this amazing gift of intimacy, and it definitely should be practiced to the best of our ability, and as often as is comfortable in our relationships.
How to have better sex as Christians.
This is a very important issue, as sex is the ultimate expression of intimacy. Focusing on how you can improve your sex life is an excellent goal to have in your relationship. Here are tips for having better Christian sex:

  • Are the both of you being fulfilled sexually? This is the core question to ask one another, and from here we can find solutions to any lack of pleasures during sex.

  • Often times for the Christian woman, it is the issue of her spouse not being able to last long enough during sex. This can easily be fixed with exercises and practice sessions where the male adjusts to lasting longer during intimacy.

  • For men, a common problem is variety. Guys like to try different pleasuring techniques or positions. Try to first experiment with one new position, and one new pleasuring technique. Just trying one thing new will lead to further experimentation.

  • The issue of what is allowed and what is not. There often times can arise the issue of what techniques or positions are allowed as far as Christian sex goes. The main thing you should worry about is comfort and safety. If a position is safe, and comfortable for the both of you, then you should allow it to be part of your sex life. Rules concerning positions are generally concerned with safety and comfort, as Christian sex should be practiced in a loving manner, not a risk taking and potentially harmful manner.

How often should you practice intimacy as Christians?
This is also a common question, and unfortunately the uncertainty leads to couples not practicing sex as often as they should or could. Here are tips for having sex more often.

  • Create an understanding that "more sex" is not sinful or wrong. It's a wonderful act of intimate practice and should actually be practiced as often as desired, based on the comfort levels of each.

  • Too much sex only occurs when it interferes with important aspects of life. Obviously there will be a problem with intimate frequency if it interferes with Church life or important matters in your personal life. If you find yourself late for important appointments, or "sleeping in" and missing Church service, then this can be a problem.

  • Have "date nights". Most often it is not too much intimacy, it is too little. Couples can become very busy in everyday life with work, church and family. It's important to set up times where intimacy is the main focus. Implement date nights throughout the month to ensure intimacy is practiced as often as possible.

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